Announcing New Pedals from Electro-Harmonix


If you’re a guitar player with a passing knowledge of pedals, chances are you’re familiar with the goods and wares of Electro-Harmonix. B&H now carries new additions to the company’s legendary lineup, including the Lester-G, Lester-K, and the Super Space Drum. Let’s have a look.

Lester-K and Lester-G Rotary Emulation

The Lester series of Electro-Harmonix pedals gives you a first-class emulation of the rotary speaker typically heard on electric organs. The Lester-G complements its stereo rotary capabilities with a built-in compressor and tube-emulated overdrive, and offers you full control over volume, attack, sustain, drive, and acceleration. Also, you can easily stomp on the Speed/Break footswitch—that fantastic tool for dramatically ceasing the rotary effect of any sustained chord (a favorite of gospel enthusiasts). The Lester-K offers a streamlined version of the aforementioned options, so you may not get the compressor or acceleration knob, but you still get the stereo outputs, as well as that handy Speed/Break!

Super Space Drum Analog Drum Synth

Fresh on the heels of the Crash Pad, Electro-Harmonix offers another tasty update on a vintage classic pedal-synth: the Super Space Drum, an analog synthesis pedal cable of generating many percussion sounds: kicks, toms, snares, or indeed, any absurd noise you can dream of creating with its controls. Similarly to the Crash Pad, you can trigger hits from its built-in pushbutton, use an external non-MIDI pad to thunder away, or open the pedal’s gate via an auxiliary input jack.

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