Announcing Warm Audio WA-84 Stereo Mic Pair with Omni and Cardioid Capsules


First introduced for the NAMM 2019 show, the Warm Audio WA-84 small-diaphragm condenser microphone presented engineers and musicians on a budget with an affordable entry into the tantalizing world of vintage-flavored instrument mics. The newly announced nickel WA-84 Stereo Pair with Omni and Cardioid Capsules delivers the same delicious tone, along with the versatility of multiple polar patterns.

Whether you need to record piano, acoustic guitar, drums, or ensembles of strings, horns, percussion, or vocals, this stereo pair of WA-84s is made to deliver a characterful sonic signature that’ll warmly remind you of classic sounds without bludgeoning your bank account. Where does that rewarding sonic signature come from? Well, the WA-84 features an Australian capsule reproduced to vintage specs and a fully discrete, Class-A design with tone-rich components—a CineMag USA transformer, a Fairchild FET, and polystyrene and WIMA capacitors. So, there’s your answer!

Warm Audio WA-84
Warm Audio WA-84

With the inclusion of multiple capsules, this package lets you tailor the style of directionality to your instrument and room without sacrificing the Warm Audio sound. Use the cardioid capsules for close-miking guitars and pianos or overhead-miking drums. Switch to the omni capsules to capture more reverberant ambience when miking instruments or vocals at a distance. Or use one cardioid up close and one omni far away.

You’re sure to encounter some loud sound sources, but don’t worry. The WA-84 has a wide dynamic range of 107 dBA and it can handle SPLs up to 133 dB with its -10 dB pad engaged. Since the mics are traditional condensers, be sure to send them healthy 48V phantom power from your mic preamps.

If you make this set yours, you’ll get two nickel WA-84 mics, two omni capsules, two cardioid capsules, two shockmounts, two mic clips, two windscreens, and one handy carrying case. Even if you need to travel from studio to studio for various recording sessions, you can easily bring the mics with you. Talk shop with a specialist at the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more about these wonderful mics from Warm Audio!