Aston Stealth offers 4 Tones in 1 Dynamic Microphone


Looking for a versatile microphone for vocals and electric guitars—one that won’t break the bank? Check out the Aston Microphones Stealth 4-Voice Dynamic Microphone online or at our SuperStore.

Aston Microphones Stealth 4-Voice Dynamic Microphone for Pro Audio Applications

Striking a balance between impeccable sonics and budget-friendly pricing is not easy to do, yet Aston has quickly built a reputation for exactly that. Now the company has gone beyond conventional LDCs and SDCs to give you this microphone, which sports four voicings tailored to different sounds.

V1 and V2 are both vocal designations—use these on your sung or spoken-word vocals. G is for guitar—and that’s good enough for any kind of axe: acoustics, electric cabinets, and even nylon strings can sound good using the Stealth in G mode. Finally, Aston gives you D, which stands for dark; this is your vintage setting, and it evokes the classic response of ribbon mics.

The Stealth eschews filters for contour networks in its circuit path, which results in lower phase distortion than conventional capsule designs. You can also use this mic with or without phantom power—and no switching is necessary: the built-in Class A mic pre automatically detects 48V phantom power and turns on to accommodate it.

Other goodies, such as built-in RFI and EMI rejection—as well as a proprietary built-in shockmount—are provided. If all this sounds like it’s up your alley, come check one out at B&H!