Auray Gooseneck Lights for Audio Engineers, Musicians, and DJs


Dim lighting is great for setting the vibe for a great studio session or live performance, but it’s simultaneously problematic for engineers, musicians, producers, and DJs who need to see their gear, sheet music, set lists, or notes. Auray’s line of LED-equipped gooseneck lights offers local lighting solutions for a variety of scenarios, environments, and working conditions.

First up is the LED6-USB, a 10.5" gooseneck with a 6-LED cluster and a USB Type-A connector, making it handy for DJs, remixers, and laptop-centric producers. Plug it into a USB port, then enjoy illumination in red or brightness-adjustable white.

Auray LED6-USB 6-LED Gooseneck Light

For audio engineers and lighting techs who spend much of their time operating consoles, the LED6-XLR4 is a welcome friend. This 18" gooseneck light features the same LED cluster and features as the LED6-USB, but opts for an XLR 4-pin jack in place of its USB connector. Why is that noteworthy? It allows the LED6-XLR4 to be plugged directly into a plethora of audio and lighting consoles.

Auray LED6-XLR4 6-LED Gooseneck Light

If you’re an engineer with loads of rack gear, check out the DLED6-RM, a rackmount piece with two 12" goosenecks sporting the same 6-LED clusters found on the previously mentioned models. The 1 RU panel utilizes a recessed design that enables the goosenecks to be folded flat for proper clearance and safe transport in road/flight cases. Its vented face provides airflow for cooling of your precious equipment, and includes a detachable power cable.

Auray DLED6-RM Rackmount Dual 6-LED Gooseneck Lights

Desk dwellers have not been forgotten: the M-LED18-DK is a 10" gooseneck mounted on a stable, weighted base and topped with a wide 18-LED array. Set the M-LED18-DK on your table, studio desk, or makeshift work surface, power it via the included AC adapter, then bask in its broad glow. One-touch power and dimming control ensure simple and efficient operability without fumbling around with switches.

Auray M-LED18-DK 18-LED Desktop Music Gooseneck Light

Intended to sit atop a music stand or hang from a shelf’s edge, the M-LED3-CL grants versatile clip-on attachment and powering via AAA batteries or a USB connection. This 3-LED light offers two levels of brightness and an 8.5" gooseneck. If you need the same clip-on style, but desire more shielding from the darkness, grab the M-DLED6-CL. It boasts two 10" goosenecks, each with the same 6-LED setup and selectable settings as the LED6-USB.

Auray M-LED3-CL 3-LED Clip-On Music Stand Gooseneck Light

No matter which model you choose, you’ll benefit from the low-heat, long-life LEDs lighting the way gig after gig. Visit the B&H website or stop by the B&H SuperStore to see for yourself!