Behringer X Air Digital Wi-Fi Mixers with USB Recording


The days of live mixers being chained to their boards to create a great-sounding event are fast coming to an end, and Behringer’s X AIR series of mixers are this company’s contribution to the growing freedom-of-mixing movement. Available in the 12-channel XR12, the 16-chanel XR16, and the 18-channel XR18, each unit has the same basic functionality and features, with the basic difference of available I/O.

Like many Behringer products, the X AIR line features integration and innovations from a variety of its other products. Starting with the input, Behringer has included Midas-designed microphone preamps on each model (4 on the XR12, 8 on the XR16, and 16 on the XR18). Like any digital amp, the X AIRs take advantage of what can be done to audio once it is in the digital domain. A 40-bit floating point DSP engine provides virtually unlimited dynamic range (more than the human ear can perceive, anyhow) and powers the four onboard effects engines, taken from their popular X32 mixer.

Last, but certainly not least, an integrated Wi-Fi module in each version allows for mobile control of the mix through an iOS, Android, Mac, PC, or Linux device. This wireless freedom lets you or your mix engineer roam the venue, making sure the mix sounds great from every spot, tweaking where you need to along the way.