Blue's News: The Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Mic


A microphone that connects via USB can be handy, because it has the potential to bypass thousands of dollars of gear while supplying you with a serviceable sound; a USB microphone that can accomplish this for PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads—such as the new Blue Raspberry—might be just what you’re looking for. B&H is proud to carry such a formidable and easily obtainable microphone.

Its mobile compatibility is but one of its numerable features. This plug-and-play microphone, which is suitable for vocals and instruments, records 24-Bit/48 kHz audio, and includes its own integrated collapsible stand, to boot. Its Internal Acoustic Diffuser resembles the treatment found in studios and concert halls alike, achieving a response that sounds professional wherever you may roam. Also, its patented premium capsule technology prevents distortion, delivering the cleanness of a large-diaphragm condenser in a smaller footprint.

As such, this mic is very well suited for podcasting, podcasting on location, voice-over work, instrument recordings, and a whole lot more, and we at B&H are happy to have it.