Boss RC-202 Loop Station: Designed for Fingertip Operation


New to B&H, the Boss RC-202 Loop Station is an advanced, compact tabletop looper that is designed for fingertip operation. Based on the RC-505 Loop Station, the RC-202 offers two simultaneous stereo phrase tracks with dedicated controls and loop-status indicators. There are four input FX and four track FX available simultaneously for processing loops with sampler and DJ-style effects. The input effects include Pitch Shift, Lo-Fi, Ring Mod, and more are applied while recording into the phrase looper. The track effects include Beat, Filter, Slicer, and others for high-impact processing during playback. The effects can be adjusted at any time via the large, easy-to-grab knobs and dedicated buttons.

Each of the 64 phrase memories (8 memories x 8 banks) hold two phrase tracks, custom effects, playback settings, and more. As you work, you can save your loops to the current phrase memory without ever stopping playback, allowing for seamless saving and switching memories presets to perform different song structures and ever-evolving arrangements. The RC-202 is outfitted with an XLR mic input, mono/stereo instrument inputs, and a stereo aux input. What’s more, all inputs are available at the same time, which allows for capturing and mixing of multiple audio sources while building loops. A click track can be sent to just the headphone output, which lends itself to performing in a live setting. Plug the RC-202 into your computer via USB to archive WAV loops or load up RC-202 phrases with live backing tracks or sounds for sampler-style triggering.

The front panel is filled with easy accessible hands-on controls, but can be further expanded via the two footswitches or an expression pedal. Extensive control is possible via MIDI from a keyboard or foot controller. Additionally, the MC-202 can be synchronized with an RC-505, another RC-202, as well as drum machines and other devices. The 17 onboard rhythm patterns provide a solid base for beat boxers and include odd-measure beats for added flexibility.