BOSS VO-1 Vocoder, the Pedal that Talks to You


B &H will be stocking the BOSS VO-1, a new vocoder and talk box pedal designed especially for guitarists and bassists. Use the onboard XLR input, plug in a microphone, and vocally modulate your guitar's signal to make classic electronic synth-voice sounds, talking lead guitar tones, and much more. This cool effect is not just for guitars. Plug in a synth or any other instrument with a 1/4-inch output and find out what other creative tones you can achieve.

Laid out in the familiar BOSS style, the VO-1 is intuitive to operate. It features Level and Blend controls that adjust the output and balance between the wet and dry signals, while Tone and Color controls allow for timbral shaping. The Mode knob lets you choose from four distinct modes of synthesis, which include Vintage Mode, Talk Box Mode, Advanced Mode, and a Choir Mode that produces vocal textures without a mic, using just your guitar. The pedal also boasts a built-in effects loop, great for adding delay, distortion, or modulation effects into your signal chain quickly when the VO-1 is engaged.