CES 2015: Audeze Has Your Ears Covered


Audeze, the USA-based manufacturer of magnetic planar headphones, has delighted the audiophile headphone market yet again with the announcement of a new innovative pair of headphones at CES 2015: The EL-8. 

Available in both open back and closed back variations for a wide variety of applications, the EL-8 headphones feature the company’s patent-pending single-sided Fluxor magnets to save weight while achieving a magnetic flux density comparable to the flagship LCD line of headphones, to deliver a frequency response of 10 to 50,000 Hz with an impedance of 30 ohms. Like the LCD series, the EL-8s also feature Fazors for focusing the sound, and a new patent-pending uniforce diaphragm to virtually eliminate all the breakup modes common in other headphones. The industrial design was provided by BMW DesignWorks.

To accompany these new headphones, Audeze is also releasing the Deckard, a dedicated headphone amp and 16-32 bit USB DAC with support for up to 384 kHz (192 kHz limited on Windows devices). It does not play back DSD files, but it can be used as a line-level preamp that can deliver up to 795mW of power into a 33 ohm load, and drive headphones rated as high as 600 ohms. The industrial design for the DAC headphone amplifier was also provided by BMW Designworks.     


Please email me additional information on both of these headphones to include pricing and warranty as well as where to purchase qand where to get repaired in case something goes aray. use the email listed above.

Pricing information will be available in the future.  Audeze offers a Limited 3-Year Warranty on their headphones.  You can purchase them from B&H and repairs can be provided by Audeze.  

The headphones are scheduled for release later this year.  More information will be provided once it is available. 

Do you make an audiophile-quality headset (i.e., with mic) comfortable enough to be worn ll day long?



Audeze is developing an Apple compatible cable (with mic) that can be used with the forthcoming EL-8 headphones. 

Also, any pair of headphones that you enjoy can be converted to a headset with the addition of something like the Fiio E02i portable smartphone headphone amplifier for iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5

What kind of headset are you looking for: one for  gaming, Clear-Com/Telex compatible, phone calls with a smartphone etc?  Please let me know so I can help you find a suitable product.


In order to give you the best advisement, please email [email protected] with your preference of headphones/earphones, price range, and any other pertinent information.