CES 2015: Sennheiser Hits the Streets with New Wireless Headphones


Sennheiser’s outing at this year’s CES shows that the company has no intention of backing away from its recent movements into the lucrative and competitive consumer and fashion headphone market, dominated by the likes of brands such as Beats and Sol Republic. Coupled with its impressive history making high-end audiophile and professional grade equipment, Sennheiser has unveiled some very exciting models.

The Momentum line has seen a refresh, and now comes in wireless versions to the joy of cord-cutters everywhere. The wireless versions also boast active noise cancellation via four built-in mics, NFR pairing, and a battery Sennheiser claims provides 22 hours of use on a charge. The cans now even fold for easy storage.

Keeping with the too-cool-for-cables motif, the Urbanite XL headphones now boast Bluetooth and NFC pairing, as well. While Sennheiser’s marketing tosses around buzz words like “club sound” and “millennials” (in case you were wondering about the target audience here), what that translates to in audio terms is ample bass response, which is sure to appeal to the hip-hop and electronic crowds. Perhaps the coolest thing about the Urbanite XLs is the touch control panel on their right ear cup, giving you button-less control over all your typical functions.

Adding a newcomer to the already impressive line of wireless home-audio systems, CES also saw Sennheiser debut four models of its RS line. Each model operates on the 2.4GHz band for low latency and high reliability. The entry-level RS 165 gives you a 30-meter range, while all others give you up to 100 meters to wander from the transmitter. Each model shares a similar physical design, geared toward clean and elegant, to fit into your home décor.

Lastly, Sennheiser has refreshed its line of in-ear headphones designed for athletic use, creatively named SPORTS. What their name lacks in flavor, the actual designs more than make up for. Providing models with open and closed designs (for outdoor and indoor exercising, respectively), the lineup is geared toward providing the quality of sound Sennheiser is known for in comfortable, water-resistant, and hygienic packages.


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