CES 2017: Focusrite Scarlett Micpre Expansion with OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamics


Well known for its professional-grade audio consoles, channel strips, preamps, and audio interfaces, Focusrite has announced the release of two new multichannel mic pre expansions, the Scarlett Octo-Pre and the Scarlett Octo-Pre Dynamic. Both interfaces feature eight second-generation Scarlett mic preamps, eight balanced line inputs, two instrument inputs, with precision Focusrite A/D conversion at up to 192 kHz.

Scarlett Octo-Pre

Ideal for tracking drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals, and more, the Scarlett Octo-pre’s eight natural-sounding second-generation Scarlett mic/line inputs deliver high headroom, plenty of clean gain, low noise, and minimal distortion. Designed to expand any digital audio interface with ADAT inputs, the Octopre features two ADAT optical ports to accommodate three sample rate configurations. 48 kHz utilizes a single port for 8 channels, while 96 kHz uses two ports for 8 channels and 192 kHz uses 2 channels to deliver 4 channels. Each channel offers a pad on each channel to protect against overloads of loud signals, while 48V phantom power is available on each channel for use with condenser microphones. The state-of-the-art digital clocking utilizes JetPLL jitter elimination with dedicated World Clock inputs and outputs.

Scarlett Octo-Pre Dynamic

The Scarlett Octo-Pre Dynamic provides the same high-quality form and function with the addition of analog compression on every channel. The soft-knee VCA compressor lets you control the dynamics of any input signal with an easy-to-use single knob. There is a transparent mode for subtle compression, plus a “More” button that doubles the ratio for compression effects. Both models ship with Focusrite Red 3 and Softube Time & Tone Bundles.