Connect the Next Generation of Creative Music Apps with the Yamaha Wireless MIDI


Yamaha has introduced its newest technology, Wireless MIDI, which allows for connecting the next generation of creative apps for musicians by allowing the freedom of mobile connectivity between instruments, controllers, and iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This new standard in wireless transmission allows MIDI data to be transmitted using Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). This protocol is supported by Apple iOS 9.2 or newer and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer. To connect every digital instrument in your studio or home, Yamaha has introduced two Wireless MIDI adapters: the USBT01 for instruments with a USB port, and the MD-BT01 for older MIDI instruments with classic standard 5-pin DIN MIDI ports.

The USBT01 connects between the USB AC adapter and the USB port of the instrument. Once connected, simply open the app on your iOS device and turn on the MIDI Bluetooth. The controller app allows for one-touch configuration of Digital Piano internal metronomes and other functions. You can also customize digital drum kits using an intuitive app interface, or control an iOS tone generator to gain access to a variety of sounds not available from the instrument itself.


The MD-BT01 connects to your instruments’ MIDI IN/OUT terminals and allows for the controlling of older non-USB instruments with iOS applications such as tone generators, sequencers, digital pianos, and drum kits. Record difficult passages and play them back to analyze your performance.

A wireless MIDI connection means you don’t have to sacrifice your iOS device for data transmission, which leaves your ports open for charging. Both Yamaha Wireless MIDI adapters can be used with every app that supports Bluetooth MIDI on Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac.