DJs Rejoice the Release of Technics SL-1200MK7 Direct-Drive Turntable


Technics is a name on the tip of the tongue of every turntablist, and a brand in the minds of DJs around the globe. Since the 1970s, the Technics SL-1200 has been a popular powerhouse, thanks to its direct-drive design and uncompromising sound. Springing from the solid foundation is the latest in that line of legends: the SL-1200MK7. While maintaining the tradition of dependability and user-friendly operations, the SL-1200MK7 adds new functions and performance enhancements.

Technics SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive Turntable System

One of the core improvements of the SL-1200MK7 is its coreless direct-drive motor. An occasional side effect of typical direct drive motors is cogging, a rotation abnormality. By eliminating the iron core of their stator, Technics was able to bypass the cause of cogging and yield consistently smooth rotation along with high torque. To further improve smoothness, Technics instituted a two-layer platter featuring an aluminum die-cast plate with vibration-damping rubber covering the entirety of its back. The result is a rigid platter that inhibits vibrations from interfering with proper tracking. Tracking precision is made even more exact, thanks to the SL-1200MK7’s highly sensitive tonearm. Made of lightweight aluminum with a machined bearing housing and high-accuracy bearing, it reduces stylus jumping regardless of playing style.

Knowing that unwanted vibrations can also come from external sources such as speakers and footsteps, Technics worked to ensure that the SL-1200MK7’s chassis prevents them from becoming problems. Its two-layer construction uses aluminum for the primary chassis, and adds ABS combined with glass fiber to strengthen structural integrity while reducing vibration. Plus, a spring and a rubber insulator are used for resistance to howling and high-SPL rumble.

The SL-1200MK7’s motor is controlled by a microcomputer to allow solid performance during standard play and scratching, as well as adjustable starting torque and brake speed, letting you tweak the SL-1200MK7 to match your preferences. Also customizable is the rotation speed, which can be set to 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, or 78 rpm, and fine-tuned within ± 8% or ± 16% via a full digital pitch control. Simultaneously press the speed selector and Start/Stop button to engage reverse play. Yes, DJs, you read that right… REVERSE play!

Additional embellishments include a white LED stylus illuminator, selectable red or blue primary LED lighting, and matte-black finishing on the body and parts. Though they aren’t as obvious as fancy lights, the SL-1200MK7’s gold-plated phono terminals are a welcome bonus. They impede signal degradation and accommodate whatever cables you prefer to rely on. The SL-1200MK7 includes not just a phono cable, but also a detachable power cable, an earth lead, a slipmat and slipsheet, an EP adapter, and much more.

Whether you’re a touring DJ or a connoisseur of fine vinyl records, the SL-1200MK7 can be your go-to playback deck. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more!