Genelec Announces New Compact, Two-Way Monitors and a Subwoofer at IBC 2014


Genelec, a name that has been considered synonymous with top-notch professional audio monitoring for decades, has just announced three new speakers that incorporate the company’s sought-after Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology. Designed to automatically adapt themselves to each distinct acoustic environment, for any professional broadcast, post-production, or music facility, no matter the shape or size.  

The 8320A and 8330A models feature Genelec’s Minimum Diffraction Enclosure housing, made of recycled die-cast aluminum, as well as the company’s Directivity Control Waveguide technology, carefully engineered to deliver improved imaging, decreased distortion, and a flat on- and off-axis response for a wider sweet spot. The 7350A subwoofer, which is designed to complement the 8320A and 8330A monitors in 2.1 or 5.1 surround-sound setups, features a Laminar Spiral Enclosure for clean articulated bass reproduction, as well as Genelec’s AutoCal technology, allowing each monitor/subwoofer combination to automatically align levels, timing, phase, and equalization in response to any anomalies that may be present in your acoustic space.

With these speakers, the company is also introducing the entirely new Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software, GLM 2.0, which, along with a new measurement microphone and network adapter unit, offers a powerful and intuitive way to configure and customize your monitoring system to your production facility’s unique needs. 



Any estimate on the pricing and availability for the 8320As?

Thank you