Get Your Audio into the Box with the AudioBox!


Looking for a two-channel interface with 24-bit converters that can operate up to 96 kHz? Luckily, PreSonus has just what you need in the neat, little—and wallet-friendly—AudioBox 96. Indeed, this unit is a great choice for recording on the road. It boasts two PreSonus microphone preamps with switchable 48V phantom power for those condenser microphones.

You’ll find the combo jacks quite useful, because they accommodate both ¼" and XLR connections. MIDI I/O is provided by means of 5-pin DIN jacks, so you can hook in your compatible MIDI controller. You won’t need to worry about power—the AudioBox draws its power from your computer over USB.

One of the loveliest features on most PreSonus interfaces is the mix knob; it allows you to blend the preamp’s signal with the playback signal of your DAW, the result of which is a dependable—and economical—way of hearing your instrument played back without latency. This device is no exception, giving you a mix knob alongside independent volume controls for your main outputs and headphone out.

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