Go Minimal with the Minim Pocket-Sized Wireless Controller


Are you looking for the ultimate pocket-sized wireless controller for your iOS device, Android device, or Mac computer? Look no further than the mighty Minim from Livid Instruments, a truly pocket-sized (6.5 x 3.25 x 0.5") MIDI controller with eight expressive pads, five transport buttons, three tactile buttons, a touch fader, and a four-direction tilt sensor. Connect to your computer or device via Bluetooth and start making music using your favorite app or music software. The 3-D motion control allows for creative ways to control sounds using movement. The Minim includes a Settings Editor, which allows full control over MIDI input and output settings with keys, scales, and chord-formation editing. What’s more, the pads and buttons are equipped with RBG LEDs, which can be customized for full-color feedback for notes, control messages, program changes, and more. 

The integrated lithium battery is fully charged in about an hour and offers up to six hours of continuous operation. The controller ships with a USB charging cable and works right out of the box with the free Minim Music Lab App. Additionally, a free template for Ableton Live is available for download, which provides a number of functions including transport controls, root up/down, scale up/down, select/arm, session/instrument modes, track volume, solo, mute, session grid, navigation, and melodic keys/drum pads. Minim is compatible with iOS 8+, Mac OS 10.10+, Android 6+, with Windows 10 support on its way.