Hop to it with the New Lectrosonics Digital Camera Hop Transmitter


Lectrosonics has a track record of making quality gear for wireless applications The company's new DCHT—which stands for Digital Camera Hop Transmitter—is sure to be no exception, and we at B&H are eager to welcome this little unit into the fold.

The DCHT is perfect for film and television production, giving you a wireless link from a bag- or cart-based setup straight to cameras or audio recorders. The DCHT accommodates mic- or line-level analog signal through a variety of adapter cables, and can handle AES digital signals from mixers. Then, it transmits to receivers digitally, using 256-bit AES encryption, doing so across the UHF band from 470.1 to 607.95 MHz. Output power is selectable, with 50, 25, and 10 mW options.

The DCHT preamp sports high-quality components, giving you a wide range of input gain and DSP-controlled limiting to ensure a great sound. The input gain adjuster is stepped in 1 dB increments, so you can match the input level exactly and mitigate any signal-to-noise issues quickly. Other goodies, like input-level LEDs and a programmable switch that can be configured to your desired operation (mute or power on/off, for example), make the DCHT easy to control.

From the machined aluminum housing to the latching battery door, the DCHT has been constructed with durability and practicality in mind. This unit can stand up to the rigors of an on-set environment, all while ensuring batteries never spill out accidentally. Speaking of batteries—the digital architecture employed in the DCHT aids in extending battery life, and thus, operating time.

As we noted before, the unit can be paired with a variety of accessories to match with your gear. For a list of accessories currently offered, please click this link. You'll see options designed to accept two XLR male outputs, two TA3M outputs, one XLR female AES output, and more.

So, if you need a transmitter like the Lectrosonics DCHT, don't hesitate to visit our SuperStore. You can also check us out online.