HPA100 Reference Headphone Amplifier: Large Frequency Range


If you’re looking for a headphone amplifier that’s suitable for critical listening—providing clarity, exceptional stereo separation, and an overall low-noise performance—then look no farther than the Crimson Audio HPA100 Reference Headphone Amplifier. Designed to give you plenty of gain, this unit receives signal from balanced stereo XLR/TRS combination inputs, giving you access to both connection points. For unbalanced connections, a pair of RCA phono jacks is provided.

The HPA100 will give you a large frequency range of 10 Hz to 80 kHz, which covers the entire range of human hearing—and then some. Its front panel provides convenient control with its large, ergonomic volume knob, as well as an input selector switch between the balanced and unbalanced connection points. All-steel construction and a small footprint will ensure that this headphone amp will be a welcome addition to your tracking studio, mixing setup, or audiophile listening room. So, if this kind of product is exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.