iConnectMIDI USB & Lightning Interfaces for iOS MIDI Control


Connectivity iConnectMIDI2+ - 2-In/2-Out USB & Lightning iOS MIDI Interface

Do you want to connect your iOS device with a Lightning connector to your PC to use as a MIDI controller or virtual instrument? If so, check out the iConnectMIDI interfaces from iConnectivity, available in three models with varying degrees of functionality. The entry-level iConnectMIDI1 is designed to serve as a one-input, one-output MIDI interface, supporting the standard 16 channels of MIDI I/O over its two 5-pin DIN connectors. This compact interface allows you to connect your computer or iOS device to MIDI controllers, synthesizers, modules, drum machines, and more.

 iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ - 4-In/4-Out USB & Lightning iOS MIDI Interface with Ethernet Connectivity

The middle-of-the-line iConnectMIDI2+ has two MIDI inputs and two outputs, while its big brother, the iConnectMIDI4+, features four MIDI inputs and outputs. Both of these units feature dual USB ports for connecting up to two computing devices at once, allowing for advanced MIDI routing and control between all of your peripherals, as well as an Audio passThru function that allows you to route audio as well. This opens a world of new possibilities, such as sequencing and tracking a virtual synth on your iPad with your DAW, or processing a software instrument in your host through an effects app, such as an amp simulator on your iPhone.