iZotope RX Plug-In Pack: Four Essential Tools for Audio Repair


The RX Plug-In Pack utilizes four essential audio-cleaning plug-ins, taken from iZotope’s award-winning RX software, each offering the same industry-leading technology used by network television, Hollywood films, and major label record releases. There are any number of uses, such as cleaning up audio from less-than-ideal recording situations or dealing with excessive background and broadband noise. The plug-ins offer a solution for hums, clicks, buzzes, ground loops, clipping, distortion, RF/EM interference, mouth noise, and clicks, digital pops, vinyl-record restoration, analog tape restoration, and more. The RX Plug-in Pack is available for download in Standard, Educational, and Cross-Grade versions. A Sleeved standard version can be purchased in the B&H store and includes a license for immediate use. The four-plug-in bundle includes De-Click, De-Hum, De-Clip, and Dialogue De-Noise.

De-Click can salvage great dialogue and vocal performances by removing unintended clicks and other mouth noises that somehow made it past the pop filter. De-click also eliminates clicks, crackles, and digital impulse noises from instrument tracks, as well as continuous background clicks on old recordings and vinyl transfers.

De-Hum mitigates the sounds of electrical hum and line noise of ground loops and buzzes. The plug-in automatically identifies the base frequency of the unwanted hum and precisely removes it from the recording along with the harmonics to ensure a clean, overall sound without electrical interference. The Adaptive mode removes hum that changes in frequency over time.

De-Clip provides excellent results when salvaging great performances by quickly reducing distortion on a vocal recording and cutting down on the need for additional retakes. The plug-in excels at repairing digital and analog clipping artifacts to save single-take recordings, especially during live shows, rehearsal recordings, or archival material.

Dialogue De-Noise can reduce the noise floor of dialogue or vocal recordings in real time without affecting the tone and quality. It makes it easier to work with tracks recorded in an uncontrolled or untreated space, like a spare bedroom, basement, or garage. The plug-in offers zero-latency performance for true real-time processing, making it ideal for voice-overs, podcasts, sung vocals, and more.

Each plug-in offers several presets to get you started. The RX Plug-in Pack is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8-10.11 or Windows 7, 8, and 10. Each plug-in is available individually from within most major DAWs and in the following formats: Native AAX 64-bit, RTAS 32-bit, AudioSuite DPM 32-bit and AAX 64-bit, AU 32 and 64-bit, and VST 2 32 and 64-bit, VST 3.