Learn to Play Guitar with the Fretlight 5 Acoustic Guitar


Have you always wanted to learn the guitar, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have tried to learn, but have gotten discouraged by confusing books, or less-than-competent teachers. If this sounds like your experience, or your child’s, don’t fret! Check out the new Fretlight 5 Acoustic Guitar, a full-sized acoustic guitar that features a patented lighted learning system. Designed specifically for beginners, this guitar features LEDs for every note on the first five frets of every string, which helps new players to concentrate on the most vital area of the guitar neck for learning to play their first chords, riffs, and tunes.

Getting started with the Fretlight 5 is easy. Simply connect the guitar to your computer with the included USB cable, load up the Fretlight Studio 6 software, and you’re ready to begin learning all of the basic chords and scales you need to build a solid foundation as a new guitarist. When you’re ready to start learning songs, pop in the “Learning at the Speed of Light Volume 1 Song Lessons and Play Along DVD,” which contains popular tunes for you to learn and play along with such as “Horse with No Name,” “Wipeout,” “Hey There Delilah,” and more.

The guitar itself boasts an attractive, natural finish, featuring a glossy spruce top and matte-finished agathis back and sides. It has a two-way truss rod for adjusting neck relief, and closed back tuners, finished with a classic belly bridge and compensated saddle. The sound of the Fretlight 5 can be described as having a deep low end, with bright highs.

Truly a complete package, the guitar comes with a clip-on headstock tuner, a set of guitar picks, and adjustment tools (we recommend having your new Fretlight 5 set up by a professional luthier for maximum playability). Great for learners of all ages, the Fretlight 5 offers a fun and easy way to get started playing guitar.