Light it Up with Marq DJ Lighting and Effects


Marq Lighting has been in existence for nearly a year, offering a wide range of professional entertainment lighting aimed at event production, clubs, and the mobile DJ. Their current product line is focused, offering a solid selection of products for a variety of applications and without an overwhelming number of choices.  The products offer excellent value with advanced features that won’t break the bank. The product categories include moving heads, wash, and pars, gobo projection, Rezotube pack, and atmospheric effects.

The moving heads include Gesture Spots and Gesture Beams, all of which share many common features and functions. The flagship Gesture Spot 500 features a 120W LED, motorized focus control via DMX or stand-alone menu, and replaceable gobos without any extra tools through a removable gobo door. The fixture offers four slave modes to crate complex auto programs without a DMX controller, including pin spotting a cake or projecting a gobo. Additional features include prism rotation and indexing, a full color menu, ¼ turn mounting brackets for fast setup and breakdown, and power linking for faster setups with fewer cables. The Gesture Spot 400 offers the same functionality, only with a 75W LED, while the 60W   Gesture Spot 300 is designed for a smaller budget and loses some features but offers exceptional value and ease of use. Like the Gesture Spot 500 and 400 moving heads, the Gesture Beam 500 and 400 fixtures offer many of the same features with 120W and 75W LEDs respectively. The Gesture Beams project brilliant, crisp, tight beams for precise aerial effects, including a “searchlight” feature with a stand-alone sky-scanning mode.

Another type of moving head offered is in the Ray Tracer Series. The Ray Tracer X Quad is a dual-tilt, dual-roller, color multi-beam light on a rotating base. The fixture provides a stunning array of moving light with two independently controlled rollers, eight tight multi-colored beams cutting through the air on a rotating base. Each LED is individually addressable to create custom programs and animations. Additionally, there are built-in programs and macros to create a dynamic light show without a controller.  The Ray Tracer X offers the same functionality as the Quad version, but with white lights only, while the Ray Tracer Quad features two independently controlled rollers with eight tightly colored beams, but without the rotating base.

The Par and Wash offerings include the Gamut PAR H7, which is a low-profile LED wash light with seven 10W RGBAW/UV 6-in-1 high-powered LEDs. The fixture can sit flat on the floor and offers a wide range of color mixing that can be programmed directly from the menu without the need for a controller. The Onset 120WW offers a 120W warm white COB LED with an ellipsoidal framing for spot-lighting. Framing shutters allow you to shape the light beam and crop unwanted output. The fixture offers a standard gobo slot for use with glass or steel gobos. There are four selectable dimming curves, an electronic strobe, and an easy-to-read LCD control panel with four soft keys.

The Rezotube Pack is a high-resolution LED Tube display package and includes five 1-meter LED tube effect lights, a RezoTube control box, a fan-mount stand, five single-mount stands, five extension cables, and a convenient carrying case. Each tube includes 32 RBG LEDs for high resolution and ultra-bright graphics. The two stand options allow for individual or fanned display options for the floor, or hung. The Rezotube Pack offers 30 high-resolution pre-programmed animation effects.

Atmospheric effects include water-based haze and fog machines. The Haze 800 DMX is an 800W hazer that offers complete control over all of its functions via DMX, including intensity and fan speed control. The small-sized unit can run continuously for four hours on a single tank. A wired remote is included to control intensity and interval, should one prefer to forego the DMX capabilities. The Haze 700 is a 700W hazer that can also run up to 4 hours on a single tank and includes a wired remote with output control. The Fog 400 LED is a 400W quick-ready water-based fog machine with a wired push-button remote for user activation. The powder-coated finish comes in black, red, white, and blue, while the colored LED offers a “pyro” effect.