Meet the TG Microphone Cassette: Vintage Channel Strip with Modern Flourishes


A perennial favorite in the pro audio community, Chandler Limited is unveiling a piece of gear sure to get engineers all over the world salivating—and we here at B&H couldn’t be more happy to bring it to you. The TG Microphone Cassette incorporates elements of Abbey Road’s legendary TG12345 console, giving you a preamp, an EQ, and an opto-limiter in one channel strip. The preamp stage features transistorized circuitry, switchable phantom power, inputs for DI or line-level signals, fine gain control, polarity switching, and a rumble filter for cutting out the lows. The “Curve Bender” EQ section sports its own snazzy parameters, with a bass shelf, a treble shelf, and a parametric presence control, allowing you to focus on frequencies ranging from 300 Hz to 6.5 kHz. Add the TG-1 Opto Limiter to the mix, and you’re set to introduce some seriously musical compression with variable attack/release, hold, selectable knee, and output knobs. Leave out the limiter for a sound completely authentic to the Abbey Road experience, or dial it in for some modernized juice. Whatever you choose, now you can bring home the iconic console-sound heard on the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” in a single channel strip!