Moog Theremini: Electromagnetic Music Making



Learn to play the Theremin with this innovative new synthesizer from Moog. Inspired by one of Bob Moog’s favorite instruments and original circuit projects, this unique instrument is played by waving one’s hands around two antennas, which generate electromagnetic fields that control oscillators for pitch and volume. What’s special about this Theremin is that it features a built-in tuner to give you visual feedback so that you can learn to play notes that are in the correct key. 

As an added bonus, it also features an adjustable pitch-correction circuit that will snap your notes to a selected root note and scale (major, minor, dorian, mixolydian, pentatonic, Gypsy, Ryukyu, etc).  This feature will ensure you can start composing and performing with the instrument as you develop your technique. 

Beyond the classic Theremin sound, Moog also included 32 wavetable-based presets from instruments like the Animoog and a stereo ping-pong style delay to further expand the instrument’s versatility and usefulness on stage and in the studio. For playback you can connect your favorite headphones through the 1/8" stereo headphone jack, connect to your audio interface or mixer via a pair of ¼" audio outputs, or listen directly through the device’s built-in speaker. The Theremini also features a pitch CV output with a selectable range and a mini USB jack for MIDI I/O so you can integrate it with your existing synthesizers and sequencers.