NAB 2015: Sound Devices 688 Field Production Mixer + Recorder


Whenever Sound Devices releases a new piece of equipment, most pros stand up and take notice. Known for its flexibility, sound quality, and rugged field-readiness, Sound Devices’ gear has found a home in the rigs of many pros and amateurs alike. With the announcement of the 688 12-input field production mixer and 16-track recorder, the company builds upon the popularity and quality of its 664 mixer and recorder, doubling the input count, and now accommodating resolutions up to 192 kHz/24-bit.

The 688 also features the company’s MixAssist software, which employs a proprietary algorithm that automatically mixes your inputs while maintaining consistent background sound levels. The system tracks to SD and CompactFlash cards for a variety of recording options, including redundancy and simultaneous WAV/MP3 recording.