NAMM 2015: The iConnectAUDIO4+ from iConnectivity


In a continued effort to offer innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the emerging world of mobile music production and traditional computing, iConnectivity had the new iConnectAudio4+ audio and MIDI interface on display at this year’s NAMM show. Employed with iConnectivity’s multi-host technology, the iConnectAUDIO4+ lets musicians use up to two computing devices together, at the same time. This allows for advanced digital routing functionality and for audio and MIDI I/O to be shared between multiple Mac, PC, and iOS devices, opening up a world of new production possibilities.

Appearing as a usable interface to all of your connected devices' operating systems, you can use the iConnectAUDIO4+ to route dozens of MIDI and audio channels back and forth between devices, digitally, over a USB connection. This allows for innovative workflows, such as sequencing and recording a virtual synth running on your iPad using a host DAW running on your computer, or processing a software instrument running in your DAW through an amp simulator running on your iPhone. Routing can be easily accomplished using the included iConfig software editor.

In addition, the iConnectAUDIO4+ also enables several MIDI peripherals to interface with an iOS device at once, which would otherwise be impossible with its single input port. This means that you could, for instance, connect both keyboard and drum pad controllers to your iPad or iPhone for expanded playability and control for making beats and composing keyboard parts.

Aside from its digital USB routing functions, the iConnectAUDIO4+ operates as a straightforward audio and MIDI interface, equipped with four XLR/TRS combo analog inputs with +48V phantom power toggle, four TRS balanced analog outputs, and five-pin MIDI In and Out. You can record keyboards, drum machines, microphones, and more, at up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution.

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.

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