NAMM 2015: New ATH-M70x and ATH-R70x Headphones from Audio-Technica


Audio-Technica has just unveiled two pairs of professional reference headphones at this year’s NAMM show, including the ATH-R70x open-back headphones and the ATH-M70x headphones, a new addition to the highly popular M-Series, which claim the spot as the line’s new flagship model.

Serving as Audio-Technica’s first pair of professional open-back reference headphones, the ATH-R70x features high-efficiency magnets and a pure alloy magnetic circuit design to reduce distortion and provide an extended, yet accurate high-frequency response. Acoustically transparent, aluminum honeycomb-mesh housings lend a natural and spacious open-back sound, and carbon composite resin improves structural rigidity for a detailed, transient response.

In addition to sonic accuracy, the ATH-R70x also features a lightweight build, weighing approximately 220 grams without the cable. This, combined with breathable fabric ear pads, provides excellent long-wearing comfort, designed to accommodate extended sessions, whether you’re mixing a track in the studio, or listening to your favorite tunes.

Continuing in the tradition of the well-known ATH-M50x headphones, the ATH-M70x features a closed-back ear cup design, with the familiar collapsible, space-saving mechanism that enables compact storage and transport. The ear cups can also be swiveled on a 90° axis, making one-ear monitoring a snap.

The headphones are equipped with proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, tuned to deliver an accurate, balanced reproduction of the frequency spectrum from 5 to 40,000 Hz. Designed for low distortion even at high volumes, the ATH-M70x can handle up to 2,000 mW of input power, but also feature 35 ohm impendence and can be driven by low-powered devices, such as mobile phones. They come with three interchangeable cables (1.2 m - 3.0 m coiled cable, 3.0 m straight cable, and 1.2 m straight cable), offering flexibility to accommodate a variety of listening scenarios, and a hard carrying case for safe storage and transport.

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.