NAMM 2015: New Products from Rupert Neve Designs


The folk over at Rupert Neve Designs (not the least of whom, Rupert himself), have been making 500 series modules for some time now, in the form of the 511 mic preamp, the 551 Inductor EQ, and the 542 tape emulator, so the company’s announcement of the R6 6-space 500 series rack seems like a natural evolution. It is a pretty straightforward design, based on the simple principle of providing your 500 series modules with more than double the required current for a six-space chassis. Furthermore, the R6 provides pretty much all the connectivity anyone would need, including XLR, 1/4" TRS, and DB-25 I/O.

Also unveiled is the RNDI, an active transformer direct interface. Designed by the man himself, this DI was designed from the ground up to transfer the source tone, and all of its harmonic depth, to your recording chain. It boasts a frequency response up to 100 kHz, so it tackles your high end faithfully. Naturally, its design includes custom Neve-designed transformers and class-A biased discrete FET amplifiers.  

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.

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