NAMM 2015: RØDE Unveils the NTR Active Ribbon Microphone


While RØDE is no stranger to making quality microphones, its announcement of the NTR Active Ribbon Microphone does see the Aussie stalwart treading into relatively new territory. Known primarily for studio condensers and shotgun mics, this is the company’s first foray into the world of ribbons, and one that is as welcome as it is unexpected. As you might guess, the NTR has a Figure-8 polar pattern, and boasts an unusually wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (most ribbon mics have a roll-off, as they have difficulty reproducing very high frequencies). A maximum SPL handling of 130 dB gives you quite a bit of versatility in use, as well, offering you the freedom to use it on guitars and powerful vocalists, as well as pianos, horns, or as a drum-room mic. 

Internally, the mic has a custom-designed transformer and an internal shock-mounting system, which isolates the sensitive 1.8-micron ribbon element from internal noise. A neat touch is the inclusion of a ribbon-securing travel screw that helps protect the ribbon when in transport. Like many RØDE mics, the NTR comes with a 10-year warranty, which includes one free ribbon replacement during the warranty period. The mic is manufactured at RØDE’s facilities, in Australia.

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.