NAMM 2015: SONAR from Cakewalk Embraces the Software Subscription Model


An accelerating trend in the software world is the availability of software on a subscription model, useful for people who don’t want to own a specific version of software that requires additional payments for future upgrades. To that end at this year’s NAMM, Cakewalk has announced two purchase options, their take on a one-year subscription model or the regular up front purchase, along with the creation of a Membership program. This makes ownership of a full-featured DAW an easier reality for many potential users. Additionally, the company has rebranded the existing three feature tiers of SONAR software.


Cakewalk’s implementation of the “subscription” model is closer to a “Rent to Buy” model—at the end of the twelve-month period, the software is permanently activated and the user keeps any of the updates and downloads that were available during the payment period. The new Membership program, which is included for the first year for all tier levels and payment options, provides the same updates and downloads across the board and at the end of the twelve month period, users can decide whether to continue with the Membership program or opt out. Membership also includes phone and email technical support.


Regardless of what feature tier is chosen, all three versions provide unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, along with unlimited buses and support for unlimited simultaneous physical inputs and outputs (interface dependent). SONAR Artist includes eleven instruments and twenty-seven effects, while SONAR Professional features eighteen and fifty, respectively. SONAR Platinum tops the list with twenty-one instruments, fifty-seven effects, and the full Pro Channel module allotment. Updates to both subscription and outright purchase models are available from previous SONAR versions.   

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.  

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