NAMM 2015: Warm Audio EQP-WA—Pro Studio Legend, Project Studio Price


Warm Audio has made quite the splash in the audio world in the relatively short time it has been operating. Assuming a business model of making high-quality replications of classic studio designs with very approachable price tags, Warm Audio has brought API-style mic preamps and 1176-clone compressors to the masses. Now the company is looking to work its magic on what many consider the brass ring of equalizers, the venerable Pultec EQP, whose rarity and price tag keeps it out of the reach of most studios.

The Warm Audio EQP-QA Pultec Style Tube Equalizer boasts construction using CineMag transformers and what the company describes as “premium tubes.” Adding five frequency points that are not on the original units, the EQP-QA looks to provide a touch more versatility while maintaining a tone true to its inspiration. The EQ section itself is even completely by-passable, allowing you to run signal through the unit to get the “mojo” from the tubes and transformers without altering the frequency content of the source.

The Warm Audio EQP-QA is now available for pre-order at B&H