NAMM 2018: Blue Releases Yeticaster Bundle for Podcasting Humans


Don't feel blue—at NAMM 2018,  Blue Microphones showed a bunch of new products for you to try. Let's start with something users of the Yeti or Yeti Pro USB might enjoy: The new Radius III Custom Shock Mount. This shockmount offers a vintage-style, suspension-mount design, and yet, it boasts the perfect dimensions for isolating your Yeti from shock, noise, and errant vibrations. These attributes, combined with a new streamlined look and lighter weight, make the Radius especially apt for camera-bound content creators, such as YouTubers, game-casters, ASMRtists, and more. The Radius III might also work with your non-Yeti microphone, if it has a standard thread mount and is compatible with standard microphone stands.

Radius III Custom Shock Mount

Next up is the Compass Boom Arm, a tube-style desktop design with built-in cable management and internal springs. This boom arm can hold mics weighing up to 2.4 lb, making it compatible with Blue Microphone products such as the Yeti and the Blackout Spark SL. Its hand-tightened friction hinges provide smooth, quiet operation. These qualities cement the Compass's usefulness for camera-facing content creators.

Compass Boom Arm

Now that we're thinking about it, wouldn't it be wonderful to pick up a Radius III, a Compass Boom Arm, and a non-cryptozoological Yeti in one convenient package?


Now you can, in the Yeticaster. No, it's not a fishing rod for snow-apes, it's the bundle mentioned above, giving you the Yeti USB microphone alongside the previously described must-have accessories. If any of this sounds appealing to you, feel free to check out our SuperStore—or visit us online.