NAMM 2018: New Guitars, Keyboards & More from Yamaha


It’s NAMM 2018, and you know what that means—new wares from Yamaha! Other models have been added to the company roster, and we here at B&H are only too happy to stock them.

Let’s start with the guitars, which we’ve featured in many of our product demonstrations. First, take a gander at the TransAcoustic models. These are acoustic/electric guitars that feature built-in reverb and chorus—reverb and chorus that you can hear live, in the room, without any external amplification!

We’re also stocking some compact, parlor-style acoustic guitars with solid spruce tops, augmented and complemented by mahogany backs and sides. These comfortable instruments are perfect for playing lulling melodies by a brook or a stream, because they are quite portable.

Thinline models are also on hand, with die-cast tuners and piezo pickups. New Revstars have been released, some with P-90 pickups, others with humbuckers and Bigsby tailpieces. Do you like the electric bass? Then Yamaha has you covered, with models that sport active three-band equalizers for dialing-in the tone of your dreams.

Yamaha being Yamaha, there’s a lot more than guitars here for you to peruse, from 61-key portable keyboards and full-range digital pianos, to 15" powered subwoofers that’ll make your teeth rattle. All these and more are available from us, B&H, your favorite purveyor of fine musical equipment. Indeed, these Yamahas are sure to leave you Yama-stounded!