NAMM 2018: The Silver Lake is a Slam-Dunk in Reverb for Seymour Duncan


Debuting at NAMM 2018, the Silver Lake is a reverb pedal sure to please anyone looking for a versatile yet gorgeous reverb pedal. At the core of this stompbox are eight high-quality reverb algorithms for different spaces and timbres. With Room, Spring, Plates, and Halls, the classics are covered. Anyone looking for more esoteric effects will surely benefit from Shimmer, Swell, Gated, and Delay/Verb algorithms.

Once you’ve chosen among these eight presets, you can modify the tone however you see fit, darkening the high end with a Damp parameter, adding saturation with the Grit knob, and tweaking the sound further with a control coincidentally labelled, “Tweak.” Pre-delay, Decay, Mix, and Tweak Function are also on hand.

And yet, perhaps the most interesting facet of the pedal is its Dynamic Expression capabilities. This is a Seymour Duncan special—a method of control in which your specific dynamics alter aspects of the reverb in real time. You can, for instance, set these controls to ensure a wetter verb-to-instrument ratio when you play softer, or vice versa. Modulation and Damping parameters can also be affected in this regard. Thus, the louder you play, the brighter the reverb can get, or the more modulated it can become. 

Though there are no complicated menus or DIP switches to maneuver, the pedal is fully programmable. You can design a patch to your specific predilections and then save/recall it instantaneously. 128 preset slots are on hand for this express purpose, all of which can be accessed via the pedal or by means of your favorite MIDI controller. Stereo I/O via 1/4" connectivity allows you to achieve some truly wide effects, while USB compatibility lets you interface with the Updater/Librarian software, facilitating anything from firmware updates to friendly preset sharing.

With all these facets and more, never did we see more of a Seymour Duncan slam-dunk in the reverb department. So please, free to stop by our SuperStore or peruse our website to check one out.