NAMM 2019: 3 New Arturia Products - It's a Cinch You'll Love the Synth!


Yes, yes, yes, it's NAMM 2019 and Arturia has some cool new products for you! We at B&H are going to sell them—but we couldn't do so without a little announcement, a little amuse bouche, if you will, to whet thine insatiable whistle.

First, let's examine the MicroFreak, which bills itself as a sort of next-generation MicroBrute for our current epoch. This is a paraphonic synth with digital oscillators, analog filtering, and a modulation matrix with three user-assignable destinations. You'll note its etched touch-keyboards; it enhances the stylish appearance and boasts some uses of its own, what with its polyphonic aftertouch capabilities and all.

The oscillators have modes like Texturer and KarplusStrong, whose sonic possibilities are as eccentric as their names. Arturia has also partnered with Mutable Instruments—an immutable force in the Eurorack world—to include the Plaits oscillator with added paraphony. The analog State Variable filtering is inspired by the 12 dB Oberheim SEM filter, and gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to truly shape your tones. Of course, there's an arpeggiator and step sequencer, but you'll also note the bevy of back-panel connections: MIDI, Clock, CV/Gate, Pitch Out, Pressure Out, and even USB can be found herein—or rather, hereon.

Next up, an 8-in/10-out interface that also acts as an ADAT expander, called the AudioFuse 8 Pre. This device connects to computers over USB-C and gives you eight Discrete Pro preamps, eight line outputs, speaker outputs, 1/4" and 3.5mm headphone outputs, balanced inserts on channels 1 and 2, optical ADAT ports, a rock-solid clock, BNC wordclock I/O, and AKM Premium A/D Converters. Included with the Interface is the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an evolving collection of software effects and virtual instruments, and upcoming access to iconic synth sounds to boot!

Link two of these relatively wallet-friendly units for 16 channels of recording at high qualities, indeed. This interface is great for musicians, bands, producers, recording engineers in search of a stage-ready solution. With swappable feet/ears, you can position this as a tabletop device or a rackmount unit.

If you need a different connection set, check out the AudioFuse Studio, which provides four Discrete Pro Inputs, four line outputs, four insert points, and I/O for A/DAT, S/PDIF, MIDI. You'll note the high-quality Bluetooth receiver, as well as a 3-port USB hub because… why not? You can never have too many USB ports! Ever! It's impossible! There's always something else to charge!

This interface also gives you A/B monitor switching and a re-amping output for electric guitars. And, the Creative Suite is included.

If these Arturia are right up your alley, then come up to our little alley, right here on 34th Street—that's right, the SuperStore. Or, amble on over to our digital alley online.