NAMM 2019: Chris Lord-Alge CLA-10A Active Monitors from Avantone Pro


One of the most legendary, yet humble, studio monitors is the NS-10. Though NS-10s have been out of production for many years, they remain desired for their ability to reveal mix translation problems. When Avantone Pro released the CLA-10, in June of 2018, the audio world went wild for the passive monitors. Being passive, they required a separate power amp, and that left many engineers and musicians hoping for an active version. Well, it’s NAMM 2019, and Avantone Pro has made that wish come true with the CLA-10A active monitors!

Avantone Pro CLA-10A Chris Lord Alge Active Studio Monitors
Avantone CLA-10A

Like the CLA-10, the CLA-10A bears the signature and approval of the inimitable, five-time Grammy award winning, hat-wearing mixing engineer, Chris Lord-Alge. They share the same drivers and cabinet construction, but the CLA-10A monitors incorporate built-in power amplifiers. Based upon its experience and the demands of engineers around the world, Avantone Pro chose a Class AB design instead of the more common Class D type. Why? The sound! With a linear power supply and 200 watts of power, the CLA-10A priorities tone over weight reduction.

A monolithic integrated circuit is used to deliver high output without compromising thermal performance, all while maintaining startlingly low THD specs. The CLA-10A’s linear power supply features a beefy toroidal transformer to keep the noise low, plus it’s a tried and true technology that engineers appreciate.

Knowing that different people like different NS-10s, Avantone Pro created a slick solution to please everyone. The CLA-10A boasts a VTPC (Variable Tissue Paper Control) knob, a tweeter tone control that lets you simulate the vertical “m” version, the horizontal “studio” model, or anything in between!

The rear panel of each CLA-10A is straightforward. You’ll find a balanced XLR-1/4" combo input, an unbalanced RCA jack, a volume control, the VTPC knob, and a ground-lift switch. So, it will easily integrate into your studio setup.

Whether you make music at home or work in a large-scale recording studio, the CLA-10A monitors can tell you the truth about your mixes. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to learn more!