NAMM 2019: Get Out of the Box with the Dangerous Music D-BOX+


No matter what sort of audio madness you make in the safety of your studio, you can benefit from a stellar solution for the pesky problems encountered once you're "out of the box." With that in mind, Dangerous Music—highly regarded by discerning minds and ears—has released the D-BOX+ monitor controller and summing mixer for display and demonstration at NAMM 2019. Built upon the success of the original D-BOX, the USA-made D-BOX+ is redesigned and expanded to meet even more demands.

Part speaker/headphone selector, part DAC, and part summing mixer, the 1 RU rack-friendly D-BOX+ is a multifunction monster with wireless app control. As a monitor controller, it features three independent speaker outputs with trims for the second and third speaker feeds, shared or independent subwoofer configurations, and two mastering-grade 20W headphone amps (each with its own source selection and level control). The main volume control boasts ring-style LED indicators and a press-to-dim function. Sources include stereo analog via XLR-1/4" combo jacks, stereo sum via 8-channel DB25, stereo AES or S/PDIF via XLR 3-pin sockets, USB, and… BLUETOOTH!!! Also, you can even monitor the headphone mix through monitors!

As a summing mixer, the D-BOX+ delivers, thanks to upgraded analog circuitry, selectable mono mode for input channels 7-8, and a handy sum trim pot that makes avoiding distortion easy. Hook up eight line outputs from your DAW to the DB25 input, then let the D-BOX+ work its magic. The summing output is routed to a pair of dedicated 1/4" jacks beside the main 1/4" line outs, so you can plug the summed signal into a mixdown recorder or two audio interface inputs.

Any selected digital input—AES or S/PDIF, USB, or Bluetooth—will be passed through a top-notch DAC. The good people at Dangerous utilized high-tech clock stabilization, high-end chip sets, and decades of expertise to ensure digital-to-analog conversion without compromise.

By integrating Bluetooth to the D-BOX+, wireless remote control became possible. Once installed on an iOS/Android mobile device or macOS/Windows computer, the D-BOX+ app provides intuitive control of volume, dim, input and output selection, and talkback! Wait, talkback? Yes, talkback. The D-BOX+ has a built-in talkback mic that can be activated from the front panel or via the slick little app. Get that app, and you can communicate with the talent while remaining relaxed, select inputs from the back of the control room, turn up the main monitors without reaching over to your rack, or even adjust headphone levels from the artist's station in the studio.

Whether it's tasked with toggling between sets of speakers in a mastering room or serving as the centerpiece of your studio's back-end setup, the Dangerous Music D-BOX+ can handle your monitoring and summing needs with ease, flexibility, and clarity. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to check it out!