NAMM 2019: IK Multimedia Unveils its AXE I/O Interface for Recording Electric Guitar


Offered just in time for NAMM 2019, the AXE I/O is IK Multimedia’s answer to an age-old question: “How can we make the perfect audio interface for electric guitar players?” This is a 2-in/5-out interface and controller providing seamless integration with AmpliTube 4 Deluxe, one with an input stage that helps guitarists get the tones they crave.

IK Multimedia AXE I/O Audio Interface with Advanced Guitar Tone Shaping

Indeed, the unit offers PURE and JFET input stages, to transform your tone from clean and transparent to tube-like and warm with the flick of a switch. A Z-Tone impedance-adapting circuit will complement your guitar’s pickups to put more flexibility, subtlety, and nuance at your fingertips. Are you playing an instrument with active pickups? Switch the unit into Active mode to bypass unnecessary gain stages, to keep your tone pristine. What’s more, a dedicated amp output lets you re-amp your tone down the line, should you ever want to bring real stompboxes and amplifiers into the picture.

But staying within the world of AmpliTube can yield great benefits, and to help foster AmpliTube compatibility, the AXE I/O has a Preset knob for scrolling through AmpliTube presets easily. When you find one you’d like to try, push the knob to select it. This preset knob can also be assigned to any MIDI CC so you can control your preferred virtual amplifier. A digital control panel comes with the unit, one that helps you control the AXE I/O from inside your computer.

With 117 dB of dynamic range, the AXE I/O ensures that the details of your playing are captured accurately between 3 Hz and 31 kHz. Its Hi-Z inputs are on the front, but on the back, you’ll find two combination XLR-1/4" inputs with selectable phantom power for other instruments and microphones. The PURE mic pres are transparent, with a flat response from 5 Hz to 32 kHz, one specifically geared toward minimizing coloration. These pres give you 116 dB of dynamic range. Use expression pedals to control aspects of AmpliTube by plugging them directly into the inputs on the rear of the unit. You’ll also note MIDI I/O via two 5-pin DIN termination points.

Line outputs are on hand for monitoring and sub mixes, and a headphone output features its own dedicated level control. Use the Monitor knob to balance your input signal with the DAW while recording, so you never experience latency during that crucial moment.

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