NAMM 2019: New Neumann Subwoofer and Headphones for the Studio


For more than 60 years, Neumann has been known for its top-notch microphones. It should come as no surprise that the talented minds at Neumann would apply their legendary expertise in transducers and electronics to the world of studio monitoring. Well timed for the NAMM 2019 show, the company unveiled two new exciting products: the KH 750 compact DSP-controlled subwoofer, and the NDH 20, Neumann's first model of headphones!

Obviously, let's start with those headphones. The NDH 20 will benefit anyone in need of premium audio performance and efficient sound isolation: vocalists, studio musicians, engineers of all sorts (recording, mixing, FOH, and monitor), and audiophiles should get in line for these. The NDH 20 headphones incorporate a closed-back design and circumaural memory foam earpads to keep you comfortable while separating you from ambient sound. Though a common complaint with closed-back cans is unwanted midrange resonance, the NDH 20 were created to deliver the balanced and transparent sonic signature of Neumann's revered studio loudspeakers. Their linear frequency response (5 Hz to 30 kHz), reliable stereo image, and low distortion make them ideal for critical listening tasks such as editing and mixing. With a flexible steel headband and aluminum earcup covers, these headphones are built to last, too. More good news… they're foldable and ship with one straight cable, one coiled cable, a 1/4" adapter, and a cloth pouch!

As for the subwoofer, the KH 750 is a compact, DSP-controlled, closed-cabinet studio sub. It features a front-firing 10" driver and 256W of amplification, yielding a maximum SPL of 105 dB and a frequency response that extends from 300 Hz all the way down to a skeleton-shaking 18 Hz. Designed to augment smaller monitors in music, broadcast, and post-production studios, the KH 750 offers flexible analog and digital I/O, multiple routing modes, 4th-order DSP crossovers, acoustical controls, and a 2.0 / 0.1 bass manager that enables several system configurations. Capable rear-panel controls are present, but even more functions can be accessed through the "Neumann.Control" app; set up, align, and operate the KH 750 via the iPad-compatible app. 

Integrate the new Neumann NDH 20 headphones and KH 750 subwoofer into your setup to enjoy more accurate monitoring and increased confidence in your audio work. Swing by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to find out more!