Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Now Available


For denizens of pro audio, Native Instruments requires no introduction. What should be introduced—heralded, even—is the arrival of KOMPLETE 11, now available at B&H in Select, Standard, and Ultimate editions. KOMPLETE is a comprehensive bundle of Native Instruments’ software that, depending on the edition you choose, comprises between 11 and 87 separate products, provides 2,500 to 18,000 sounds, and clocks in between 25- to 500GB worth of aural goodness. Production tools and effects for every genre under the sun—it’s all provided here.

KOMPLETE Select is your basic option, offering the KONTAKT 5 Player, the REAKTOR 6 player, BLOCKS WIRED, REPLIKA, and other tools. At the next tier, KOMPLETE 11—the standard version—gives you a heretofore unoffered synthesizer. Entitled FORM, it aims to transform the gap between sampling and traditional synthesis. Also, six new modules are included for the first time in KOMPLETE 11, such as Una Corda—a faithful sampling of an eccentric, contemporary upright piano (with one string per key)—and India, a vast collection of traditional Indian instruments. Other newbies abound: STRUMMED ACOUSTIC allows you to program ultra-realistic acoustic guitar parts, while KINETIC METAL provides completely unconventional, metallic instruments quite suitable for sound design and off-beat compositions. KOMPLETE Ultimate offers all the aforementioned items, adding brass, strings, and solo ensembles, FLESH, EMOTIVE STRINGS, and REPLIKA XT to the equation.

There are more features to harp about, to be sure, but this is not an in-depth review, so let’s move on to the convenient form factor: for the first time, KOMPLETE is available on one solitary hard drive for easy installation, and with Native Access, setting up KOMPLETE is a simple operation. This software is Mac and PC compatible, and can be used with any DAW, including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and Ableton Live. So whether you’re a composer or a sound designer, whether you produce pop tunes or facilitate celluloid sound tracks, check out KOMPLETE 11 in the edition that best serves your needs.