New to B&H: Arturia DrumBrute


Arturia has crafted some well-received pieces of analog gear of late, and the company is at it again, with the Arturia DrumBrute—a full analog drum machine and sequencer; we at B&H are proud to announce that we carry this powerful, accessible device.

Building on the look and sonic palette of other offerings in Arturia’s Brute series, The DrumBrute provides 17 onboard drum sounds, including two kicks, snare, clap, hi-hat, congas, maracas, a reverse crash cymbal, and more. You can route these sounds in the analog domain through 12 individual outputs or a single 1/4" mix output, and monitor the master signal via 3.5mm and 1/4" headphone jacks.

As for the step sequencer, it gives you 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each. Other parameters include separate accents per drum, a song mode for changing up patterns between sections, and the ability to implement swing and randomness on either a global or instrument level.

The onboard Steiner Parker output filter allows you to high-pass and low-pass signal at your leisure, while multiple sync options abound, including internal, USB, MIDI and clock—with four different clocking formats. With all these options, you can sync the machine to a panoply of analog and vintage devices. And yes, you denizens of the complicated, you can create polyrhythms, since each drum track can be segmented into different lengths. You can even create looping glitch effects!

With such possibilities on the sonic horizon, this device is suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike; everybody from dance music producers to indie-rock hipsters are encouraged to check it out—so come to B&H and do just that! 

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