New but Classic String Synth: Waldorf STREICHFETT


We are living during a modern renaissance for synthesizers, and the newly announced Streichfett string synth module from Waldorf aims to capture that classic, sometimes campy sounding string synth commonly heard on the soundtracks of certain films from the 1970s. The Streichfett is powered by a dual sound engine, providing polyphonic playing as well as an eight-voice solo section, and features an ensemble effect in addition to an adjustable phaser and reverb. For tripped-out modulation, an integrated animate effect provides sonic morphing capabilities.

The module itself has five-pin DIN MINI in and outs, as well as USB MIDI, so it can be used with a variety of controllers. Waldorf is clearly aiming for operational simplicity with its design, providing hands-on controls for presets, voice engine blend, effect depth, and more. A dedicated memory section gives you 12 patch spots so you can save your sounds.