New from Denon DJ: The MC7000 4-Channel DJ Control with 2 USB Interfaces


Denon DJ, a company long renowned for its DJ-related equipment, has just dropped the MC7000 DJ Controller—and we at B&H are happy to carry it. The controller features 4-channel Serato DJ capability and dual USB connections. What’s more, the MC7000 comprises two separate USB interfaces in one unit, and thus, empowers two DJs to come together, play a set in conjunction with one and other, and do all of this on their own software of choice, achieving a seamless blend of prowess and musicality in the process.

With its rugged compact design, this unit is a great fit for DJs on-the-go. With its dual 6” platters—replete with rotational LEDs and a touch-capacitive design—this unit will bestow upon any DJ the tactile and visual means for mixing a truly invigorating set. Its multi-input mixer accepts line and phono inputs from both traditional vinyl and modern digital sources, allowing you to mix media with ease. On the digital side, dedicated key-matching and changing controls allow you to seamlessly transition between musical tonalities, or to create exciting mashups on the fly. Additionally, Serato DJ DVS compatibility lets you mix digital programmatic material with the same elegance as you would any vinyl set. Included in the MC7000 DJ are 2 mic inputs with dedicated controls, giving you and/or your emcee the ability to sing, rap, or simply yell over the music, as is your prerogative.

So in conclusion, if you’re looking to collaborate with other DJs on the floor, or just want to make sure there’s no dead air time between sets—and if you’re mixing from vinyl, digital, or any combination of the two—this exciting new unit might just be right for you.