New DJ Controllers from Pioneer: Hands-On Control over Software


New to B&H, the Pioneer DDJ-RX for rekordbox and the DDJ-SB2 for Serato DJ offer hands-on control over software with powerful performance pads, effects, and built-in audio interfaces.

The DDJ-RX is a slightly smaller version of the flagship DDJ-RZ and includes an intuitive layout that mirrors the software’s GUI, giving you the instinctive control of performance features, including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Color FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump, and Pad FX. The controller features large, aluminum touch-capacitive jog wheels optimized for a perfect scratch response with fully adjustable resistance for dialing-in the preferred action. The jogs have illuminated cue point markers for an accurate and precise count down. The slip mode keeps tracks playing, muted, during live edits such as looping, scratching, or reverse. With the release of the jog wheel, the track immediately snaps back to exactly the right place.

The controller offers four channels of inputs for CDJs and turntables, allowing the unit to function as a stand-alone mixer. Additionally, the RX features a pair of balanced XLR master outputs, unbalanced RCA master outputs, and balanced ¼" TRS booth outputs, as well as two microphone inputs. Under the hood, the RX is sporting Wolfson high-performance D/A converters with a low-jitter crystal oscillator to ensure accurate and smooth sound reproduction, well suited for high-performance club systems. The DDJ-RX is bundled with a free rekordbox DJ license, which offers excellent track preparation and search functions, onboard FX, and plug-and-play operation.

The DDJ-SB2 is a portable, entry-level controller for Serato DJ with many of the same features as the  DDJ-SB, including filter fade, performance pads, trim pots, level meters, Pad Trans beat effect, and 4-deck control. The large jog wheels offer low-latency performance with great scratch response and accuracy. The top row of tactile performance pads trigger Hot Cues, Auto Loop, Manual Loop, and Sampler, while the bottom row offers immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync, and Shift. The manual filters on every channel offer independent low/high pass filters that are inherited from the flagship DDJ-SX2 and DDJ-SR controllers.

Hitting Filter Fade adds two high pass filters to the crossfader for the manipulation of volume and bass filter with one hand, which leaves the other hand free to get creative with loops, samples, cues, and FX. The SB2 utilizes the free version of Serato DJ Intro and is ready to be upgraded to the optional full version of Serato DJ. Additionally, the controller is rekordbox dj compatible. The SB2 also includes a built-in sound card with stereo RCA outputs that are ready to be connected to a sound system.