New Music Technology Products from Korg


Korg products have been heavy hitters in the music technology realm for many years, and the company has cranked out more than a few time-honored standards during its illustrious career, from the famed Triton workstation keyboard to the MS-20 analog synth. Vox, a Korg-owned company, is a name that needs no introduction to guitar players; its AC30 amplifier has been in high demand since it was first introduced, in 1958. Both companies are making new additions to some of their classic lines this year, and delivering some all-new products to boot.

Approximately ten years after the popular Electribe MX groove-box first went on sale in 2003, Korg is now introducing two long-awaited new models in the form of the Electribe 2, and the Electribe Sampler. Packed with an arsenal of hands-on features geared toward the creation of all types of EDM, the Electribe 2 allows users to compose up to 16 parts per pattern, using its analog modeling synth, or its PCM sound library, containing a vast array of drums, loops, and other instruments.

The Electribe Sampler takes a somewhat different approach, providing a host of features aimed at sampling and sample manipulation, while also providing an expansive collection of built-in sounds. Both the Electribe 2 and the Electribe Sampler are fitted with 16 velocity-sensitive multi-LED pads, which provide you with visual feedback when recording, step sequencing, and playing back.

The Pa3X Le is the newest member of Korg’s flagship Pa3X Professional Arranger series, a line which has traditionally appealed to songwriters, band-leaders, and “one-man-band” solo performers. Featuring a 76-note semi-weighted keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, the Pa3X Le features a wealth of arranger-style functions, including an improved Style and Performance library, a chord sequencer, and it provides 192MB of space for your own samples or add-on sounds.

For all you delay aficionados out there, Korg is releasing the SDD-3000 Pedal, a stompbox version of the famous SDD-3000 rackmount unit. Built around a recreation of the coveted analog preamp found in the original unit, the SDD-3000 Pedal features eight distinct delay types, a tweakable modulation section, tap tempo, and MIDI synchronization.

If you’ve ever seen Muse or Radiohead live in concert, you’re well aware of at least some of the insanity the Korg Kaoss Pad is capable of. The manufacturer is now releasing a new, beefed-up version of the mini Kaoss Pad 2 with a new sampler feature: the mini Kaoss Pad 2S. It includes the familiar touchpad, which allows you to control 100 different effects, and the sampler function makes it easy to record your own sounds and load existing ones for playback. Whether you’re a musician looking to expand your creative horizons, or a DJ who wants to trigger sample drops on the fly and tweak them at will, the mini Kaoss Pad 2S will definitely be worth checking out.

Korg is also releasing a several new guitar tuners this year, the Rimpitch-C, and the Slimpitch. The Rimpitch-C is designed to be attached inside the sound hole of your acoustic guitar, allowing you to casually observe the tuning meter at a convenient viewing angle. It expands upon the original Rimpitch design by adding chromatic tuning functionality, great for guitarists who work with non-standard tunings. The Slimpitch is a compact, chromatic tuner with a dedicated contact microphone and full-color LCD screen for easy visibility on dark stages. It also features a convenient magnet mechanism that lets you attach the unit to your music stand without obstructing the sheet music. To read a B&H Explora hands-on review of the original Rimpitch, click here.

On the Vox side, three new all-tube AC Custom Series amps are being introduced, featuring a recreation of the blue and cream two-tone color scheme made famous by the English rock-and-roll bands of the 1960s. Featuring Celestion speakers and available in 30W, 15W, and 4W versions, these amps give you the classic VOX chime for which the AC series is known. The 30W and 15W models each feature tremolo and reverb, and all three models have tone controls for dialing-in the perfect sound.