Nord Announces New Grand 2 88-Note Hammer Action Keyboard

Nord Announces New Grand 2 88-Note Hammer Action Keyboard

Hot off the presses at NAMM, Nord is announcing the latest generation of its stage- and studio-worthy piano keyboards, the Nord Grand 2. Sporting a brand-new keyboard and the ability to generate piano and synth sounds simultaneously, the Nord Grand has never been so versatile.

Nord Grand 2 88-Key Stage Piano with Kawai Responsive Hammer Keybed
Nord Grand 2 88-Key Stage Piano with Kawai Responsive Hammer Keybed

The new keyboard is the real attraction here, with the Grand 2 featuring the latest generation premium hammer action keyboard from Kawai. This premium-graded keyboard offers improved responsiveness, thanks to triple sensors that provide more accurate tracking of hammer movement. This keyboard provides extraordinary control through the entire dynamic range.

This keyboard also includes three selectable velocity curves and 120 voices of polyphony. The keyboard provides splits and layers, with seven split points indicated by LED lights, and the Split Point Crossfades enable smooth transitions between two split zones. You can select between three crossfade widths.

The engine has gotten an upgrade too, and it’s now possible to add dual layers of piano and synth sounds to each patch, greatly expanding sonic possibilities. The Piano section includes 2GB of grands, uprights, and electric pianos from Nord’s exclusive Nord Piano Library.

Two independent Sample Synths with 1GB of expanded memory, 40-voice polyphony, and a variety of new and updated sounds, ranging from acoustic instruments to classic analog leads and basses, are also included. Featuring intuitive controls, like attack, decay/release, and velocity response, you can easily edit sounds and stack them in two independent layers.

Combine two independent synth sounds with two independent piano sounds for a massive quad-timbral powerhouse. These complex sound combinations are ideal for music production duties, soundtrack production on film and TV scores, and live performances.

Finally, the effects section has been greatly expanded, with new Spring, Booth, and Cathedral reverbs, a new Spin effect, and improved delay. Each of the four possible layers gets its own effect section, for true multitimbral operation. This piano also comes with the Nord Triple Pedal 2 for expressive performances.

For more information about this new digital piano, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the Nord Grand 2. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.