Now Available: The Zoom MSH-6 and XYH-6 Microphone Capsules


Zoom MSH-6

Previously only available with the H6 recorder, the MSH-6 mid-side and XYH-6 X/Y microphone capsules are now being sold as stand-alone units, as well. These two capsules are part of Zoom's interchangeable microphone system for the H5 and H6 portable recorders. They can be purchased as replacement mics for your H6, or to provide expanded functionality to your H5.

Zoom XYH-6

The MSH-6 features two elements: one unidirectional “mid” mic faces forward, and one bi-directional “side” mic is positioned perpendicular to the first. This arrangement enables the "mid-side" recording technique, whereby signals from the center and ambient sounds from the sides can be combined to manipulate the width of the stereo image. The XYH-6 features two matched unidirectional mic elements positioned in an X/Y pattern, with an adjustable angle of between 90 and 120 degrees. This arrangement allows the recorder to pick up sounds in a cardioid polar pattern, and is predominately sensitive to sounds directly in front of the recorder, and less sensitive to sounds on the side or to the rear.