Polsen OLM-20 Dual Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone


Providing you with the ability to close-mic two subjects during any application where more than one person is being recorded, this lavalier mic from Polsen boasts two omnidirectional capsules that terminate in a single 1/8" stereo connector.

Each microphone records to a discrete channel on your DSLR, camcorder, or audio recorder, giving you access to each microphone’s audio in post. The dual capsules are designed to provide clear, natural sound reproduction, and will pick up off-axis sound, such as when subjects turn their heads. The capsules are labeled Left and Right so you know which channel each will record to. 

Powered by an included LR44 battery, the lavalier mic can be used with any camera or recorder that offers a 1/8" stereo mic level input. Its cable gives you 10' of distance between each microphone, and its total length is 13.5'. Two tie clips and two foam windscreens are included, giving you everything you need to mic up your interview, right out of the box.

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