Portable Power with MiPro PA Systems


New to B&H, this line of personal and portable PA systems, which can be used for speaking events, houses of worship, classrooms, and music playback, feature Class AB or Class-D amplifiers, as well as built-in rechargeable batteries for use in situations where no external power source is handy. 

Available in both full-range and two-way bi-amped designs, the line features speakers with woofers from 5 to 8" in diameter. Some of the models feature built-in CD players, while others feature USB players and recorders to work with a range of different media. Wired microphone inputs and built-in UHF wireless microphone receivers let you speak through the PA system when connected via a compatible handheld or wireless bodypack transmitter. Some systems also include a button for engaging an emergency-alert siren.   

For speaking applications, MiPro also manufactures a range of water-resistant omni-directional headworn microphones and sub-miniature 4.5mm lavalier microphones that can be connected to a wireless bodypack transmitter for use with these personal and portable PA systems. 





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MiPro PA Systems

MiPro Headworn Microphone

MIPRO MU-55L Omnidirectional Sub-Miniature 4.5mm lavalier Microphone


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