Presonus Notation 6 Now Available at B&H


Presonus has released the latest iteration of its score-creation software—Notation 6—and whether you’re looking for a boxed copy or a download, you can find it at B&H. This software not only allows you to compose and create music, it also gives you the chance to hear your work played back by the London Symphony Orchestra, as sampled in the legendary Abbey Roads Studios. Also included are samples from the Olympus Micro Choir, guitarist Neil Zaza, electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten, a drum set by Roy “Future Man” Wooten, and more. Additional features abound, including the ability to integrate with any DAW and the opportunity to tidy up any score/parts with redesigned layout controls. For those who sport registered copies of Notation 3, 4, or 5, an upgrade version is also available.

Also new to B&H is Progression 3, a tool designed to provide playback and compositional help for guitarists, bassists, and drummers. This software also puts the samples of Vic Wooten, Neil Zaza, and “Futureman” at your command. If you’re looking for bundled software, check out the Presonus Artist Bundle and the Presonus Pro Bundle. The Artist Bundle combines Notation 6 with Studio One 3 Artist, allowing you to record instruments, mix audio, write sheet music, and arrange parts in a seamless, integrated manner. The Pro Bundle, on the other hand, swaps out Studio One 3 Artist with Studio One 3 Professional, giving you access to more features, such as an Arranger Track with Scratch Pads for musical experimentation, as well as remote control via iOS, an arpeggiator, and more.